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What are the dimensions of a Ford F-150?

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Determining Ford F-150 width, length and height

Do you think of buying a Ford F-150? Great choice! Let's quickly look at the sizes, inner space, ground clearance, turning radius, and some other dimensions of this popular pickup truck.

Exterior Dimensions


Ford F-150 modifications differ with the cabin and truck beds, which makes the pickup length different. F-150 has three cab styles (Standard/Regular, SuperCab, and SuperCrew) and three truck beds (5.5 feet, 6.5 feet, and 8 feet long).

The Standard cab goes together with the medium and large beds, and these trims are 209.3 inches and 229.7 inches long, respectively. The SuperCab also boasts two assemblies: with the medium bed, its length is 231.9 in, and the combination with the long bed is 250.5 inches long. The SuperCrew model is manufactured with the shortest 5.5 feet bed with a total length of 231.9 inches, and with the largest bed, this truck is 250.5 inches long.


The width of a car is measured between its mirrors. This width for any Ford F-150 trim with the mirrors unfolded is 96.8inches(83.5incheswith the folded ones). Once you decide to install trailer tow windows, unfolded they will be 105.9 ft wide (85.5 ft when folded). The front and rear width of all models is 67.6 in.


The height of the F-150 ranges from 75.1inches to 77.3 inches depending on the cab type, drivetrain (4x2 or 4x4), and truck bed size. 

Ground Clearance

Ford F-150 ground clearance (a distance between the ground and the lowest point of the pickup’s frame) also depends on the drivetrain, bed, and cab and varies from 8.4 inches to 9.4 inches.


Regular cab’s wheelbase (distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels) is 122.4 inches for the medium bed and and 141.1 inches for the large one. SuperCab numbers are equal to 145.0 inches and 163.7inchesaccordingly. The SuperCrew assembly has 145.0 inches for the short and 156.8 inches for the medium truck bed. 

Turning Radius

When your pickup is trying to make a U-turn, the turning circle has a radius, and the smaller it is (the radius length and, consequently, the circle), the more maneuverable your truck is. The F-150 turning radius is equal to 20.4 inches.

Interior Dimensions


The Regular cab can seat three people, while SuperCab and SuperCrew can place five or six. 

Cargo Volume

The maximum payload of Ford F-150 is 3,270 pounds. The volumes of the beds are 52.8, 62.3, and 77.4  cubic feet for short, medium, and large beds respectively. The inside height of the cargo bed is 21.4 inches is equal for every pickup bed size. 


Every cab model’s front headroom is 40.8 inches, while the rear headroom is 40.3 and 40.4 inches for SuperCab and SuperCrew types.

Hip Room

The front hip room for all cabs is 62.5 inches, the rear hip rooms of SuperCab and Supercrew are 64.7 inches.


Ford F-150 width measurements are stated without exterior mirrors.

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